Oracle Blockchain Services     

What Is Oracle Blockchain ?

A blockchain is a system for maintaining distributed ledgers in a way that allows organizations who might not fully trust each other to agree on ledger updates. Instead of using a central third party or an offline reconciliation process, Blockchain uses peer-to-peer protocols. As a distributed ledger, blockchain provides a near real-time and indelible record that’s replicated among the participants.

Blockchain has the potential to fundamentally transform how global business transactions are conducted. Currently, some business-to-business transactions are routed through third parties to ensure their integrity and protection. These third parties can introduce delays and add costs. Blockchain technology enables the participants in a trusted business network to transact directly, while still ensuring the validity and nonrepudiation of their transactions. Once the proposed transactions are validated and agreement is reached on their results, blockchain participants record them in cryptographically linked blocks that cannot be repudiated.

Oracle Blockchain

  • To Increase Business Velocity
  • To Reduce Operations Costs
  • Reduce the Cost of Fraud and Regulatory Compliance
  • Enable real-time transactions and securely share tamper-proof data across a trusted business network.

Benefits of Oracle Blockchain

Increased Visibility

Gain near real-time visibility into distributed transactions across your authorized business network. Maintain a shared system of record with a single version of truth.

Enhanced Security

Reduce fraud while increasing regulatory compliance with tamper-proof business-critical records. Secure your data by using cryptographically linked blocks so that records cannot be altered or deleted without detection.

Reduce costs

Lower costs by accelerating transactions and eliminating settlement processes by using a trusted, shared fabric of common information instead of relying on centralized intermediaries or complex reconciliation processes.

Faster Automation

Automatically trigger actions, events, and even payments based on preset conditions. Speed up transactions by automating processes to work outside of business hours.

Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service

Drive Innovation

Extend your enterprise boundaries by enabling new business models and revenue streams from untapped markets with blockchain-verified identity and offerings. Speed up existing business processes with trusted, real-time information sharing across existing Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle SCM Cloud, Netsuite SuiteCloud Platform, and custom blockchain application integrations.

Deliver Business Results

With the ability to rapidly onboard and easily scale global network participants, your operations run continually with resilience, high availability, and autonomous recoverability. Secure access in a permissioned blockchain is protected by Oracle Identity Cloud Service with behavioral authentication, single sign-on, and key management services.

Reduce Risk, Complexity, and Increase Efficiency

By securely automating cross-organization transactions and providing reliable sharing of information—both inside and outside the enterprise boundary. A pre-assembled, managed cloud platform also enables you to simplify operational complexity, dynamically change network configurations, and rapidly identify and resolve issues with real-time monitoring dashboards..

Accelerate Time to Market

with a REST API-driven platform and rich integration options in Oracle Cloud Platform. Start developing blockchain applications within minutes without complex setup and provisioning. Leverage API-driven development for cloud and on-premises applications using REST API and API management service to easily invoke blockchain services directly or with integration accelerators from Oracle Cloud.

Industries with Blockchain Use Cases

Finance and Banking

Know your customer, clearing and settlement, trade finance, domestic and cross-border payments, loan origination and post-funding automation, and anti-money laundering..


Product history tracking, production process assurance, Design IP protection and recalls management.

Public Sector and Government

Improve welfare distribution, mitigate double taxation, get infrastructure protection, and record of ownership.

Retail and eCommerce

Increase transparency of histories of products, reduction of counterfeit goods, warranty adjudication, and supply chain management modernization.


Transactional processing between insurers and investors, claims automation, and fraudulent claims reduction.


Asset management, certification of renewable energy and emission allowances, and metering and billing of electricity consumption.