Team Leadership

Salim Shaikh

      Founder & CEO

Salim Shaikh is the Founder and CEO of UnionSys Technologies, Inc. Prior to founding UnionSys Technologies Salim has held senior management positions at various Consultancies. He acquired his Bachelor's Degree followed by Master's degree in Computer Management from the Pune University, Pune, India.

Our Mission

"Our Mission at UnionSys Technologies is to union's with you to excel and improve your abilities to do business and excel in today world of Competition.With our highly skilled and ready to deliver experience professional we can assit you in achieving your goals."

We accomplish this mission through our strong and effective leadership globally in all aspects of solution, services, staffing. Which serve the needs of our customers worldwide. UnionSys offers a cost-effective way for your company to leverage additional resources for both product and application development, thereby enhancing the abilities of your company's software and technical staff. In addition, UnionSys has the skills and experience to take on complex technology development projects, offering an alternative to costly internal technology development efforts.

Corporate Overview

UnionSys is a leading software services and solutions providing company. Established in 2008, with a small group of highly skilled and experienced professionals dedicated to provide best solutions and services. UnionSys capabilities encompass all aspects of software developement solution and services. Headquartered in Pune, India, with branches worldwide from North America, Middle-East to South East Asia.

We at Unionsys implement right methodology to make business better. Our culminated ideas, innovations and processes at Unionsys help our customers directly and have a direct impact on their business' bottom line.With our highly experienced and dedicated staff to offer services from various technologies and hardware paltform, Unionsys provides Offshore and onsite services.

UnionSys Technologies - Helps companies increase the value of IT as a strategic asset and advantage. By ensuring tight alignment with company goals, systems, processes & people, UnionSys Technologies enables operational efficiencies and increased IT contribution to business results. By leveraging industry best practices and process expertise, UnionSys Technologies facilitates productivity increases, more efficient operations and quicker, more successful IT project implementations. UnionSys Technologies helps companies realize the maximum value from their IT investments. UnionSys Technologies provides a premium level of expertise at an optimal cost , through an combination of offshore and onshore resources. UnionSys Technologies also delivers what has been promised, on time and within budget, eliminating cost overruns or surprises.

Unionsys provides IT solutions & services offering end-to-end solutions to a wide variety of customers. Our services & solutions are aimed at helping clients achieve profitable growth. We bring strategic and technical expertise to build and support critical business functions, from idea to implementation - design, build, and implement integrated business solutions to generate results.Unionsys provides IT solutions & services offering end-to-end solutions to a wide variety of customers.