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Our Mission

Our Mission at UnionSys Technologies is to union with you to excel and improve your abilities to do business and excel in today world of Competition.With our highly skilled and ready to deliver experience professional we can assist you in achieving your goals.

We accomplish this mission through our strong and effective leadership globally in all aspects of solution, services, staffing. Which serve the needs of our customers worldwide. UnionSys offers a cost-effective way for your Company to leverage additional resources for both Product and Application development, thereby enhancing the abilities of your Company's software and technical staff. In addition, UnionSys has the skills and experience to take on complex technology development projects, offering an alternative to costly internal technology development efforts.

FAQ Question

UnionsysTechnologies - defines the criteria by which the process of delivering the project is successful. Essentially this addresses the classic "are we on time, budget, on scope, quality?" (adapted to whichever PM method you might be using). It is limited to the duration of the project and success can be measured as soon as the project is officially completed (with intermediary measures being taken of course as part of project control processes).

UnionsysTechnologies - defines the criteria by which the product or service delivered is deemed successful (e.g. system is used by all users in scope, uptime is 99.99%, customer satisfaction has increased by 25%, etc.). These criteria need to be measured once the product/service is implemented and over a defined period of time.

UnionsysTechnologies - defines the criteria by which the product/service delivered brings value to the overall organisation, and how it contributes financially and/or strategically to the business. For examples: financial value contribution (increased turnover, profit, etc.), competitive advantage etc.


UnionsysTechnologies Provides Project Management Strategies such as planning, organizing and managing the effort to accomplish a successful project. A project is a one-time activity that produces a specific output and/or outcome, for example, a building or a major new computer system.


UnionsysTechnologies Provides Project planning which includes agreeing on overall goals to be achieved by the project, the objectives associated with each goal, responsibilities to achieve each objective. Planning might also include specifying milestones or deliverables to be produced, and timelines for achieving the objectives and milestones.


UnionsysTechnologies defines that , Project success can be measured before during and after project completion. In simple terms, project success can be defined as: Achieving project objectives within schedule and within budget, to satisfy the stakeholder and learn from experience"

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